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Yes, you didn’t read the title wrong, in this post I will share my experiences after upgrading my machine (MacBook Pro 2018 15") and why you should not do it, or doing the downgrade like me.

If you want to upgrade your pre-silicon MacBooks, check these conditions, and you’re good to go:

  1. Your machine have no discrete GPU or not using external display.
  2. You use your machine in a very very cold room.
  3. Consider this article

Why discrete GPU on MacBook sucks?

It’s began since macOS Catalina, there are too many applications that using GPU Acceleration, and in Big Sur they’re using more and more GPU Acceleration for visual effects here and there. And did you wonder why watching Youtube videos or attending a Google Meet on Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge sometimes lags your machine so bad? …

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After previously shared few tips based on my experiences writing codes on react and react native, today I will share you few best practices that maybe you probably doesn’t know, and hopefully will make your days writing react native codes better, faster, stronger.

1. Directory resolution with package.json on every directory (works with any javascript beside react-native).

Here’s the first tip, maybe you are using IDE or whatever you use to write your codes, and maybe you use different folder structure. Everytime you’re importing components from another directory, you use this syntax:

import TextComponent from "../ComponentFolder/TextComponent"

or maybe

import TextComponent from "../../ComponentFolder/TextComponent"

or maybe more hardcore

import TextComponent from "../../../../ComponentFolder/TextComponent"

and so on

So here’s the tips to forget writing those recurring ..

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React Native

Tools and Libraries are essential for developing any application, especially react-native, in this story I will tell you about tools and libraries that will speed up your react-native development without much hassles.


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Hello there, on this article i will tell you some tips about my experiences on developing web-apps with React. As a Beginner.

For me, learning react is not really easy but not really hard too. FYI i came from PHP background with a bit of JavaScript experience (honestly that was some time ago LOL). If you wanna keep learning about programming languages, you should understand the Fundamental first.

But, React is not a programming language, it’s a library on top of JavaScript. …

Last year, redux topped state management library category on StateofJS. Redux is clearly the most popular and most loved by developers that using it as the state management library.

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Developers Interest and Satisfaction about every popular javascript state management library. source

But first, What is a state management?

State management refers to the management of the state of one or more user interface controls such as text fields, OK buttons, radio buttons, etc. in a graphical user interface. In this user interface programming technique, the state of one UI control depends on the state of other UI controls.

taken from wikipedia

explain it simply, with human language

Think of it like a control center that controls every actions and data flow, that’s it. …

When you are working on a team that consist of 2 or more people from small to big teams, you will find that not every person coded the same way you code, everyone has their own code style and maybe magic code.

Or in a different case like working on your own, you will find your one month old code unreadable by yourself, yes programmers are often upgrading their skills (including their code style), in the end you will find your code hard to understand by other people, and even yourself. …


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